From good Manager to great Leader

Sometimes, what it takes for a Top Talent to be ready for his next position is just a little bit of self-confidence, better communication skills or the ability to attend to a team's emotional well-being

Questnation helps you prepare your key talents to deliver business results and ensure project success.

  1. Together with you, we define the outcomes to be achieved by your employee and the timeline.

  2. We identify your employee's traits, challenging behavioural patterns, beliefs & motivation strategy and explore the resources required to make lasting behavioural changes.

  3. Once the desired outcomes or behaviours are observed, we provide feedback, reinforce and test these behaviours for further enhancement.

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Session 1

Programme definition

Sessions 2 to N

Coaching for improvement

Last session

Debrief and feedback

With the Human Resources team, we identify the employee's performance improvement needs and specific challenges. We then estimate the number of sessions required to improve. 

Our coaching approach to unlock one’s potential to grow and maximise performance is a combination of world-class techniques including Neuro leadership and Somatic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strengths and Transformative Coaching, Stakeholder Centered, Mentor Coaching and personality profiles and psychometric tools (MBTI STEP I&II, DISC, ADEPT-15, EQi, FIRO and FIRO-B,  PAPI,  Emergenetics,  Barrett Values Assessment, STRONG, EQi-360, Hermans Whole-Brain Thinking, Clifton StrengthsFinder and The Leadership Challenge 360)

After the employee has achieved the defined outcomes, we meet the Human Resources team to debrief the employee's progress and collect feedback from the employee her/himself

Possible areas of focus

  • Personal development: increasing awareness, developing Emotional Intelligence​ and interpersonal skills, aligning to a new purpose, breaking down personal barriers, etc.

  • Getting ready for a career change

  • Exploring how others perceive you vs. how you see yourself to improve communication and relationships

  • Increasing performance  in a challenging area (ex: self-discipline, leadership, stakeholder engagement and stress management, build and improve resilience and emotional composure through Tension Release Exercise, etc.)

Questnation also supports teams in order to:

  • Build inclusive teams

  • Empower Women in Leadership

  • Bring Culture Change in Organizations

  • Manage Conflict

  • Develop Coaching Skills

Beyond borders

Some roles are global...

... so is our program

A Skype version of the program is available for great travellers!