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Keep top talents knocking at your door!

You invested so much in finding the right profiles but 1 year after you hired them, they leave you. Or they stay… but they are not really giving their 100% to the job. 

These younger generations – Millennials and Gen Z – need     3 things to be drawn to your company and stay engaged:

  1. A clear company vision aligned with their daily work

  2. A strong sense that they are fulfilling their purpose

  3. feeling that they belong and are recognised for their contributions

Questnation helps you satisfy these needs and win the war on talent by:

  • Measuring your Employee Engagement and identifying the most powerful levers

  • Designing the most suitable programme, based on data analytics, to position you as an Employer of Choice

  • Helping you choose the best digital solution, based on your specific needs, to ensure that progress is sustainable

  • As a great software alone does not make great Managers, align stakeholders, design your communication strategy and train your Managers to ensure their full buy-in and a company-wide adoption.

So what about inspiring them together? And watching them tweet #Bestcompanyintheworld!

Questnation has a deep knowledge of HR tech and experience rolling-out programmes in the areas of:

Employee Engagement Survey


OKRs and Continuous Performance Management

  • Higher employee retention (especially among High Potentials)

  • Stronger Employer Branding to keep attracting Top Talents

  • Increased productivity following up from increased motivation

Outcome for the company

Collaborative Tool roll-out

Recognition & Rewards

Coaching & Mentoring Programme

Co-Development Programme

Company Vision, Mission
& Values definition