Leadership Training:

the difference maker

Great technology does not replace great Managers. Quite the contrary! The more digital a company goes, the more the human touch is needed to accompany the change. Just imagine how you would feel if you were to receive a 100% digital Performance Review…

That is why Questnation trains your teams in developing the required awareness, the appropriate behaviours and necessary skills to support change and the adoption of new HR technology. 


Questnation team includes certified Trainers (SLII, ACTA…), authorised to facilitated several profilers and assessment tools. These leadership and team development resources include brain dominance assessment, culture assessment, interest, behaviours, inter-relations orientation, strengths, personalities, emotional intelligence and predictive talent, etc.

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Questnation trains teams on:

Millennials & Gen Z Management

Health & Wellness

Effective communication

Cross-cultural training

Micro facial expressions &

Body language

Culture Diagnostic

Emotional Intelligence

Conflict management

Influencing skills
& Negotiation skills